Heather Sandford
14 July 2019
Clinton is an amazing coach. My son has flourished incredibly since joining KidzRugby. Furthermore, Clinton teaches the kids important life skills such as resilience, determination and respect. I could not recommend KidzRugby highly enough.

Desmond Barnes
7 July 2019
Arthur’s first ever silverware!!. Great session in the sun.
This is a great club offering skills development, support and encouragement to young children. My son always has a great time and he gets to “bop” a tiger, a lion, a wolf, and a kiwi..

Claire Fennel
7 July 2019
Our 5 year old loves KidzRugby. Every week the session is varied and focused on developing skills, coordination and discipline whilst having fun. All kids progress and are recognised for their individual efforts. Highly recommend KidzRugby

Louisa W:
3 July 2019

My son joined KidzRugby about 6 months ago and hasn’t looked back since. The training sessions are inclusive and encouraging regardless of ability. Every child is made to feel special and their successes and achievements are celebrated in a way that boosts their confidence and self esteem. A great mix of skills training and match practice and parents can join in to whatever extent they wish. In short, it’s great!

Richard Clarke:
18 April 2019
My son started Kidz Rugby when he was 20 months old and the progress he has made since then (he’s 6 now) is amazing both in terms of rugby skills and social confidence (and how I wish I’d had available to me at his age what he does now). My daughter has more recently started too and she, whilst much shyer even than my son, really enjoys the sessions too and is allowed to join in as much or as little as she wants – it’s great to see her confidence grow!

Clinton is great with all the children, they are the centre of his attention; he really makes them listen but also does his best to make all the sessions fun above all else, whilst also having a genuine coaching purpose.

Some of the skills he coaches the children are amazing for the age (e.g. running a line to take a blind pop pass, on trust , at the age of 3-4) but he does it because he believes that they can, and even if they can’t initially, that’s fine, because as long as they’re having fun they’ll absorb the lessons and it won’t be long before they can do it. All the time Clinton is thinking of new things to try so even though I’ve seen over 4 years of sessions things still feel fresh, which means that I really look forward to them as well.

Thanks very much & keep it up Clinton!

Anna Wilde:
2 February 2018
Its great fun for all the family. Keeps us fit and offers encouragement and discipline in a fun sporting way. Very child friendly.

Jon Herbert:
30 September 2018·
Our son Jamie has only been going for 4 weeks but it is already the highlight of his week. Rachel and Clinton are both fantastic with all the kids.

Tan Patel:
15 January 2017 ·
I’m so proud of my little monkey today. I asked him why he received a trophy and Aum’s answer.. “Please dad can I tell you something I got a trophy because Clinton said if you do all that good things you get a trophy.”
Massive thank you to Clinton (and your team) for the efforts and dedication you make every week to make this so enjoyable and fun. Your ethics and enthusiasm is contagious and since joining Kidz Rugby we have seen a massive difference .