Kidz Rugby is a rugby program aimed at children aged 2-10. The Kidz Rugby program is aimed at providing a fun, safe environment for your child to develop core skills, confidence, spatial awareness & team building abilities as well as developing rugby specific skills. Founded by Clinton Te Rangi-day an experienced rugby coach who was born and raised in New Zealand, Kidz Rugby is a unique program here in the UK. Clinton has developed the program based on the style of southern hemisphere rugby.

Kidz rugby sessions are constantly evolving, progressing and improving. Our Infants class, which are Fun filled, energetic and structured sessions have proven hugely successful in introducing very young kids into a skilled exercise and social environment using the ethics of Rugby , respect, control, patience, team work, discipline etc.

As a child’s skill levels increase and they develop socially we have found that there general confidence follows and they really start to prosper. Its at this stage we are both progressing the kids through into our Junior classes. We look to increase the intensity of the skilled drills, meaning the boys and girls just need to concentrate on there eye hand co-ordination and skills they have learnt.¬† With the main change to our approach is that we are also working really hard in every Junior session to introduce a team work element, teaching kids to find space, run into gaps, hit the ball at pace, draw and pass to each to other, get behind the ball, motivate and encourage each other in a real touch game environment. We don’t use tags, our big emphasis is on a child to pass the ball before touched until the space opens and the try is SCORED !!

We want kids to experience success but also failure and disappointment. Its all about managing this through character, reflection and the desire to get better and come back stronger.

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Who are the coaches?

Clinton Kidz Rugby Coach

I am the owner and head coach of Kidz Rugby. I have played 1st class rugby and have a passion for sport and it’s benefits in positively shaping a childs future and building confidence. I have ran over 2000 Kidz Rugby sessions in the last 6 years.





Rachel - Kidz Rugby Coach

I have played since a young age and have always been passionate about improving children’s physical ability in sport. I have recently completed a strength and conditioning degree. This helped to build my knowledge and expertise for paediatric¬† physical literacy and nutrition.